Halogen and Fluorescent lighting upgrades

Do you still have Fluorescent tubes in your lift or shaft?

The government law passed in June is now here with the suspension of the sale of halogen bulbs from the beginning of this month.

Fluorescent tubes will follow suit in September 2023. This leaves a supply issue for many lift cars and shaft lights. Now is the time to upgrade to LED lights.

This is to cut rising energy costs and improve efficiency whilst also cutting CO2 emissions. LED lights last, on average, five times longer than traditional halogen bulbs whilst providing the same amount of light but with 80% less power consumed.

All new light bulbs will come with a new energy efficiency rating from A-G, moving away from the current A+ style ratings. This change will mean very few bulbs will reach the new A classification, thus helping consumers choose the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving choice.

Liftworks can offer solutions to our customers to help make the transition smooth and start to reduce your energy bills.

Traditional fluorescent tubes can be upgraded to new LED units, or new Led strip lighting can be installed as a replacement for conventional bulkhead units giving full light coverage the entire shaft length.

Liftworks are more than happy to visit your lift and survey the current lighting situation and provide solutions to any outdated lighting.

Get in contact for a free quotation. We also provide new installations, modernisations and repair services.



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