Next-Level Lift Monitoring

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Enhancing Customer Experience with Cloud-Based Technology


When Liftworks installs a new lift, we aim to deliver the best possible service to our customers. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the installation process, as we provide comprehensive aftercare backed by a cutting-edge cloud lift monitoring system.

Real-Time Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance

Our state-of-the-art monitoring system allows us to keep a close eye on every aspect of your lift’s performance. In the event that the lift goes out of service, the system alerts us immediately, enabling us to identify potential issues and dispatch an engineer before you even notice the problem.

The cloud-based system provides valuable insights into door timings on every floor. By analysing this data, we can detect issues such as slower closing times on a particular floor. Our service engineers can then proactively address the problem during the next scheduled maintenance visit, preventing it from escalating into a breakdown.

If there was a situation where your lift enters an error status, we can dispatch an engineer beofre the fault is even logged again providing the fastest most efficient service to get your lift back to working condition.

If you find that your lift doors are closing too quickly or slowly for your customers, we can make adjustments remotely via the cloud. This innovative feature saves time and money for both our clients and our team, eliminating the need for an engineer to visit the site.

Rapid Response with Map View and Optimising Lift Performance with Usage Statistics

Our map view feature allows us to see the status of all connected lifts, including normal operation, service mode, and out-of-service states. This enables us to react quickly to any issues and prioritize our response accordingly.

By analysing usage statistics, we can identify the busiest times for your lift and program it to park on high-traffic floors. This optimisation ensures faster access and more efficient travel times, ultimately improving the experience for your end users.

Advanced Technology with Newlift Controllers

All new installations provided by Liftworks come equipped with lift monitoring capabilities when a Newlift controller is fitted. Newlift, a German lift control manufacturer, delivers top-of-the-range control systems with some of the most advanced features in the lift industry.

The Newlift unit can connect via GSM or ethernet and is entirely cloud-based, eliminating the need for additional hardware. The system can be accessed from any laptop, tablet, or smartphone with web access, providing you with the flexibility to monitor your lift’s performance from anywhere.

At Liftworks, we have been using this lift monitoring system since 2020 and currently have over 100 lifts under our watchful eye. Our experience and expertise in implementing this technology ensure that your lift receives the best possible care and attention.

If your lift were to enter into an error status, we are alerted and can dispatch an engineer before the fault is even noticed. This allows us to provide the fastest most efficient solution to get your lift back to working order.

Customer Focus and Efficiency

Empower your lift management with our innovative customer dashboard! Gain unparalleled access to real-time data and insights, allowing you to effortlessly track and manage every lift in your portfolio. From maintenance schedules and performance metrics to service history and compliance reports, our intuitive interface puts all the critical information at your fingertips. Stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and ensure the seamless operation of your lifts with confidence. Experience the future of lift management today – where transparency meets efficiency.

Upgrade Your Lift with Liftworks

If you are considering replacing your existing lift, we invite you to get in touch with us. You can also explore some of our latest installations on our project page to see how we have helped other clients enhance their lift systems.By choosing Liftworks for your lift replacement, you can benefit from our next-level lift monitoring system and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your lift is in the hands of experts committed to delivering exceptional service.

Get in contact if you want the best proactive maintenance.

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