Discovery Building

Modernisation of a triplex group.

Project Overview

Liftworks, a well-established family-owned lift company, was selected to carry out a substantial modernisation of a group of three lifts in the main building of the Discovery Channel. Liftworks, known for their professionalism and reliability, was entrusted with this project during a particularly busy period as the Discovery Channel was gearing up for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Lift Modernisation

The modernisation project involved a comprehensive revamp of the existing lift system. NewLift controllers, a product of the German company NewLift, were installed in the existing motor room. These controllers are renowned for their plug-and-play functionality and diagnostic capabilities via LEDs, making them a preferred choice for lift manufacturers and global corporations.

Alongside the controllers, Ziehl machines were also installed. These machines, coupled with the NewLift controllers, form the core of the lift system, controlling its operation and ensuring smooth and efficient performance.

Shaft Equipment Replacement

The project also entailed the replacement of all new shaft equipment. This included car and counterweight shoes, door operators, safety gears, and overspeed governors. The replacement of these components is crucial for the safety and efficiency of the lift system. The entire system was also fully rewired to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Interior Installation

A new interior was installed in the lifts, enhancing the user experience. This included the installation of 15-inch TFT screens that display live Discovery Channel advertisements, providing an engaging and dynamic environment for passengers.

Project Completion

Despite the busy period leading up to the Tokyo Olympic Games, the project was completed on time and to specification. This is a testament to Liftworks’ commitment to delivering high-quality service and their ability to work efficiently under pressure.

In conclusion, the lift modernisation project at the Discovery Channel’s main building was a significant undertaking that involved a comprehensive overhaul of the lift system and the installation of new equipment and interiors. The project was successfully completed by Liftworks, demonstrating their expertise and commitment to quality.

Lift video screen