Upgrade Of 4 Hydraulic Lifts

Premier Scientific Measurement Institution: National Physical Laboratory

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is a premier institution in the UK, renowned for its ground breaking work in the realm of scientific measurement. To continue delivering top-tier services and maintaining an optimal work environment, it was essential to equip it with the most advanced technology available.

Upgraded Control Systems by Newlift

One of the significant upgrades made was the installation of new controllers by Newlift. These controllers, featuring an Algi VF drive and a hydraulic tank, were integrated directly into the project, providing direct-to-floor positioning and real-time remote monitoring capabilities. This technological enhancement not only increased efficiency but also ensured precision in all operations.

New Entrances and Door Operators by Wittur

In addition to this, new Wittur door operators and entrances were fitted, giving the landings a fresh, contemporary aesthetic while significantly improving reliability. This installation played a pivotal role in modernising the facility and enhancing its functionality.

Modernised Lift Interiors

Improvements were made to the interiors of the lifts as well. The goods lifts were equipped with a new, more durable interior to withstand heavy usage. Simultaneously, the passenger lifts received a stylish upgrade, infusing them with a modern aesthetic that aligns with the facility’s innovative spirit.

Integration with Building Management System

New wiring was installed throughout the facility, and integration with the building management system was carried out. We closely collaborated with the on-site security team to ensure minimal downtime. Additionally, potentially disruptive tasks were strategically scheduled to limit noise during crucial work periods, ensuring that staff could complete vital tasks undisturbed.

Successful Project Execution

In conclusion, the project was successfully executed to the client and consultant’s specifications, maintaining strict adherence to the timeline. This comprehensive upgrade has significantly enhanced the National Physical Laboratory’s functionality and aesthetics, enabling it to continue its role as a leading scientific measurement facility in the UK.

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