Lift Installation in Southampton: Enhancing Accessibility and Comfort

In a recent project in Southampton, Liftworks embarked on a challenging yet fulfilling lift installation inside a sheltered accommodation. Collaborating closely with the scheme manager, our team ensured minimal disruption to the residents throughout the installation process. The project was executed to the highest standards, much to the delight of the residents who were thrilled with the enhanced accessibility and comfort provided by the new installation.

Advanced Technology for Smooth Operation

At the heart of this installation was the integration of a Newlift controller and Ziehl Abegg machines, renowned for their reliability and efficiency. These components are key to providing a seamless and pleasant ride experience for the occupants. Additionally, Fermator doors were installed to ensure smooth and safe access in and out of the lift, enhancing the overall safety and functionality of the lift system.

Upgraded Features for Enhanced User Experience

To further improve the user experience, new landing indicators were installed at all levels, equipped with dual illumination push buttons for ease of use, regardless of lighting conditions. The project also encompassed the installation of all-new shaft equipment and a complete repaint of the lift shaft, revitalising the lift’s appearance and ensuring its integration with the building’s aesthetics.

Interior Redesign for a Modern Touch

Recognising the importance of aesthetics in creating a welcoming environment, the lift car interior was redesigned to incorporate a modern feel. This update not only improved the visual appeal of the lift but also aligned with contemporary design trends, making the lift a stylish feature of the building.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount in any lift installation. To this end, the lift fronts were meticulously built in, fire-stopped, and decorated to match the existing décor, ensuring that the installation was not only safe but also visually consistent with the rest of the building. This careful attention to detail guarantees that the lift is not only functional but also integrates seamlessly into the environment.

Meeting Modern Standards

This installation has brought the lift up to the latest standards required by law, providing both reliability and comfort to everyone who uses the building. By adhering to current safety and operational standards, Liftworks has ensured that the lift installation delivers long-term performance and satisfaction.


Liftworks’ recent project in Southampton is a prime example of how thoughtful planning, advanced technology, and a focus on user experience can transform a simple lift installation into a significant enhancement for a residential building. This installation not only improves accessibility and safety for residents but also adds a touch of modern elegance to the building, proving that functionality and design can go hand in hand. For more information on how Liftworks can elevate your building’s lift system, contact us today. Let us help you bring your lift system up to date with the latest standards and technologies. For all enquiries get in touch 

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