Waterstones Brighton

New Structured Installation

Liftworks Upgrade to Waterstones Flagship Store in Brighton

Liftworks recently carried out a significant upgrade to Waterstones flagship store in Brighton. The purpose of the upgrade was to bring the store up to modern-day standards, with a focus on improving comfort and reliability. One of the key changes made was switching from a hydraulic to a traction lift, which helped minimize noise. The upgrade also involved the installation of a NewLift controller and a Ziehl machine.

Challenges and Safety Measures

The project presented some challenges, as the structure had to be installed inside an existing well. Additionally, the work was carried out in a live environment, which required prioritizing health and safety to ensure the safety of customers while progressing with the job. Liftworks worked closely with the store staff and the lift consultant to achieve a high-quality finish that both the store and Liftworks can be proud of.

About Liftworks

Liftworks is a family-owned lift company that has been operating since 2000. They offer a wide range of lift engineering services, including new lift installation, lift maintenance, lift modernization, lift repair, and 24-hour emergency call-out facility. Liftworks has built a reputation for service excellence and innovation, and they are known for being honest, trustworthy, professional, and reliable.

I hope this information provides you with a good overview of Liftworks’ upgrade to Waterstones flagship store in Brighton. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!