Wembley Stadium

Upgrade of 5 existing lifts in Wembley stadium.

Overview Of  The Wembley Project

This was a tough project for Liftworks, but we got the job done on time and to an excellent standard.

During the winter break at Wembley, Liftworks were contracted to install five complete brand new installations’ including removal of the old existing lifts.

The lifts were installed to the consultants’ specifications. Liftworks used New lift controllers, Ziehl machines, all new shaft equipment and a solid bespoke mechanical package.

While working on a live site, Liftworks had to keep on top of the health and safety requirements, and navigating such a large area with materials was also challenging.

Co ordinating daily with the on site management team we worked together to obtain the end goal of completion by the deadline.

Lifts At Wembley

Works were completed on the Royal lift, which had a bespoke back-painted glass interior to give a nice modern look for the royals to travel to their seats in.

This was the smallest travel of the five lifts completed.

We also installed a firefighting evacuation lift to allow the fire brigade safe access if ever a fire was to occur at Wembley. Comprising of all extras to assist the firefighters in their job. This lift also doubles as an evacuation lift in case of emergencies.

Our engineers also completed the first lift of a duplex in the main part of the building, which gives access to the main Football Association offices. This lift is a through-car, serves all floors, and has exceptionally high traffic usage.

Another through-car lift served the kitchens of the Three Lions Bar. this had a stainless steel lift interior with dual operating panels and was adjacent to the firefighting lift. This lift served most of the main floors of Wembley.

The last lift was the most challenging. A 3200 kg goods lift with an uprated mechanical package to cope with the constant use during event days at Wembley.

4:1 roping was used to keep the maximum current lower, and because of this, a lot of pulleys and large diverter steels were used.

Liftworks installed a stainless steel interior with checker plate flooring and rubber bump rails to provide strength and durability to another high-traffic lift, one of Wembley’s busiest.

All lifts have Emergency telephones fitted connecting directly to the Wembley security office.

Building management interfaces are provided to allow Wembley to see each lift’s current status.

Liftworks also installed their cloud monitoring system, allowing us direct access to the lifts if ever changes were needed to be made.

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