Bridge House

Bridge House: A Meticulous Transformation Enhancing Accessibility and Aesthetic Appeal

Bridge House, a renowned architectural gem, recently underwent an extensive refurbishment to revitalise its appearance and elevate its accessibility. This meticulous overhaul involved the installation of state-of-the-art duplex lifts within the existing shafts, resulting in a harmonious blend of functionality and visual appeal.

Elevating Accessibility with Duplex Lifts

The transformation of Bridge House included the implementation of a sophisticated set of brand-new duplex lifts. These lifts not only enhance the building's accessibility by providing convenient vertical transportation, but they also add a touch of elegance to the overall design. The installation process was meticulously executed in collaboration with the on-site construction team, ensuring seamless integration with the existing structure.

Cutting-Edge Features for a Superb Ride Experience

The installation of the lifts at Bridge House features cutting-edge components chosen to provide occupants with a seamless, quiet, and comfortable ride. The NewLift controllers, Ziehl machines, Fermator door equipment, and roller guide shoes work in perfect harmony to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey for everyone. These advanced features contribute to the overall appeal of the building, making it a modern and technologically advanced architectural masterpiece.

A Cohesive and Modernised Look

In addition to the installation of the lifts, the project extended to the fitting of new interior and landing fronts. These elements were carefully curated to harmonize with the contemporary architecture of Bridge House, resulting in a cohesive and modernised appearance. The attention to detail in selecting materials and design elements ensures that the building's aesthetic is enhanced, creating a seamless integration between the new lifts and the existing structure

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