Chelsea Crescent

Full install in a West London Block of flats

Description of works at Chelsea Crescent

Chelsea Crescent upgraded one of the lifts in their complex due to the ageing of equipment and reliability issues. A completely new installation was chosen to give the new lift the best quality and life span.

The bespoke build was fitted by our in-house lift engineers on schedule, keeping noisy works to the pre-approved times to keep the residents' project disruption to a minimum.

The existing bottom drive machine was replaced with a top-of-shaft Ziehl machine, with the controller inside the machine room.

The primary control system was supplied by Newlift with a Ziehl drive and incorporates  direct-to-floor positioning with advanced door opening to minimise travel times whilst keeping the ride's comfort at a luxury. This was a 10-floor job run by our new installations team and delivered to the specification of the lift consultant.

Complete new stainless entrances were fitted to comply with current fire standards, with TFT position indicators and stainless landing push stations.

The quality of workmanship throughout the project, from ourselves down to our suppliers, was second to none and working with the management staff at Chelsea Crescent made the job a pleasure.

We look forward to hopefully working together in the future.

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Chelsea Crescent Front