Claremont Flats

Two new installations in low rise residential flats

Description of works at Claremont Flats

Liftworks were chosen by the lift consultant to carry out the works on the two blocks at Putney. New installations were put in place of the old equipment back in the existing machine room.

Our lead engineer carried out the work and was tested to the latest standards with the lift consultant in attendance.

A Newlift controller and Ziehl gearless machine were installed to replace the old geared machine and obsolete controller.

New Fermator landing entrances, Landing stations and TFT position indicators completed the look on the outside of the shaft with fire protection installed by our builder.

New guides, limits, position system and all wiring were installed on the new lift car and in the shaft.

Completed on time to specification an excellent job all around.

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Claremont Flats Front